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My name is Tjark Hartmann. I'll tell you how to pronounce that later.

My business partner's name is George.

We are awesome, even though you've probably never heard of us before.

And we are going to help your business thrive in every way possible. Because, again, we're awesome.

Here is why. And why listening to us will be the best decision of your life, barring you get a hold of someone like Mark Cuban or Elon Musk or something.
Why Co-Founder #1, Tjark, Is Awesome
Tjark Hartmann Co-Founder True Conversion
After graduating college, I went straight to my Mom's basement. 

Built a six figure (per year) business from scratch. (One funnel. One traffic source.)

Then got scouted by the biggest direct response publishing company on the planet. Helped make them over $20 million. While helping my client (the only one I've agreed to take on so far, for a % equity deal), build his first online business.

That client is now doing $300k/year. Thanks to, again, one funnel. And one traffic source (Google). We just launched his funnel on FB... getting leads for about 67 cents a pop. Gonna scale that puppy up and will update the #'s if I remember.

(My name, btw, is pronounced like "Jacques" in "Jacques Cousteau" to close that loop.)
Why Co-Founder #2, George, Is Awesome
George Paiva Co-Founder True Conversion
George has worked with some of the biggest entrepreneurs in the business. Robert Kiyosaki, Jay Abraham, etc. etc. He's helped them make millions of dollars. (Don't know the exact $ amount, don't care.)

He's got experience in dozens of markets -- from law to finance to weight loss... even funeral homes.

And that direct response publishing company I mentioned earlier? The one I worked at? He's there right now. That's how we met.

So far, he's been responsible for a VSL that did ~$1.5 mil in a day (possibly the biggest 1 day $ amount in VSL history.) A webinar that did over $5 million. And more.

Together, George and I have over a decade of experience turning prospects into leads. Leads into customers. And customers into repeat buyers. (Our core secret is something we call the Copy Cube... details on that here.)
Why You Prob Haven't Heard Of Us Before
If you read our background above, you can prob guess what the reason is.

But I'll tell you just in case:

It's because we've actually been doing what everyone else says they'll teach you.

We've been GROWING business. We've been HELPING some of the biggest gurus out there. We've been LAUNCHING our own businesses... and have helped clients do the same.

We've helped generate at least -- at LEAST -- $40 million in revenue. (I say at least bc some of the numbers got lost over time, so want to be ultra conservative here.)

Now, for the first time ever, we're going out in the public eye...

To help YOU grow your business.

No matter what niche you're in...

No matter what you sell...

And no matter what you're experience level is.

Whether you're looking to convert cold, paid traffic -- PROFITABLY -- from day one...

Sell high-ticket, back end info products, consulting, coaching or events...

Or sell the crap out of your products through Shopify...

We can help you.

We can help you take your business -- and your wealth -- to the absolute limit.


With TRUE Conversion.


Tjark Hartmann
Co-Founder, True Conversion

P.S. One of our most powerful secrets?

The $1,000,000 Copy Cube...

A proprietary, 4 word persuasion tool that's only been shared in public ONCE before...

And can blast your clicks, leads and sales through the roof. No matter what industry you're in. What you sell. Or what your experience level is.

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